Monday, November 9, 2009

CustomValidator for Checkboxes in ASP.NET

To check that a checkbox is set in ASP.NET you need to do a little more than just grab a RequiredFieldValidator.Situation:

The RequiredFieldVadlidator cannot be used to validate ASP.NET Checkboxes.


Use a CustomValidator. All you need is implement the ServerValidate event of the Custom Validator to validate that the check-box is checked/unchecked. Read more:

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A computer stops responding during shutdown if BitLocker is enabled on the system drive

Windows does not shutdown properly when BitLocker is enables for the system drive Symptoms

When shutting down the screen turns black and nothing happens whilst the computer fan and other devices are still running.


You have BitLocker enabled for the system drive.


Hotfix available by Microsoft:

(Thanks to Kay Giza for this tip.)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Two and a half reasons *not* to use BitLocker

Windows 7 BitLocker limits your choices when it comes to backup and booting from VHDs. I had to disable BitLocker for two (and a half) reasons:

  1. It’s not that easy anymore to create a backup image of BitLocker-protected drives.
    You can still do sectory-by-sector copies which require more space and time to create and restore.
  2. You cannot boot natively from a VHD if this VHD is placed on a BitLocker-protected drive.
    My laptop has only a single hard drive and you can can’t boot to VHD on network or removable drives.
  3. If your laptop is not equipped with a TPM you need to insert a USB stick every time before you can boot your laptop.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

10 free online Tutorials on Silverlight using Blend

(via techpreacher)

These tutorials are for everyone wanting to get to know Silverlight and Expression Blend quickly.  The tutorials have been created to learn about the features of Silverlight by simply drawing, resizing, dragging and dropping elements on the design surface of Blend. No code or prior Silverlight knowledge needed.

The content is provided at a high-level to cover a wide array of topics in a short time. Links to more detailed information are provided at the end of each tutorial.

1. Drawing an emoticon in Expression Blend
First steps in getting to know the tools and workspace in Blend
2. Element Transformations
Learn to use Scale, Rotate, Skew and 2.5D Transformations
3. Get Started with Animation
A Quick Overview on Creating Time-Based Animations
4. Playing Video with the MediaElement
Using the flexible MediaElement control as a reusable Surface
5. Arranging Pictures to Learn Layout
Use the Grid, StackPanel, ScrollableViewer and Border to position Images
6. A Look at Text in Silverlight
Learn about Displaying Text, Font Properties and Embedding Fonts
7. Import an Adobe Photoshop File into Blend
Convert the assets from a Photoshop file into Interactive Controls
8. Styling and Skinning Controls
Customize the Look by Setting Properties and Building Templates
9. Styling and working with Design-Time Data
Explore how Templates and Bindings are used to display dynamic data

10. Giving Behaviors a Test Drive
A brief overview and walkthrough of the Behaviors included with Blend

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Enable BitLocker without a TPM on Windows 7

Windows 7 Bitlocker can use USB sticks instead of TPMProblem

You receive an error that BitLocker will not work if no compatible TPM hardware is present.


Use an USB stick (that always have to be inserted before booting your machine).


  1. Open group policy editor: Start » gpedit.msc
  2. Navigate to:
    • Computer Configuration
    • » Administrative Templates
    • » Windows Components
    • » BitLocker Drive Encryption
    • » Operating System Drives
  3. Double-click Require Additional Authentication at Startup.
  4. Click Enable.
  5. Done!

More information:

How to Backup and Restore your Windows Live Messenger emoticons?

There are several apps out there that promise you to work with the most recent version of Windows Live Messenger (Version 2009, 14.0.8089.726).

My recommendation:

ConCon Messenger Content Retriever

ConCon backups and restores your Windows Live Messenger 


It saves all emoticons into one .mco (= .cab) file, which makes restoring them very easy.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Workaround: Windows SDK Configuration Tool complains about missing Visual Studio

When trying change the default SDK…


Error Message:

"Your system does not have Visual Studio 2005 or Visual Studio 2008 installed"


  • Option 1: Use the command-line version of Windows SDK Configuration Tool: e.g. “WindowsSdkVer.exe -version:v7.0” (no quotes)
  • Option 2: Change the OS Display Format to English (United States).

You can read the full story here.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How to set Windows Live Mail store folder

It’s a bit hidden, but You can save your Windows Live Mail folders to another drive Heinz Tschabitscher from knows how:

  1. Select Tools | Options... from the menu.
  2. Go to the Advanced tab.
  3. Click Maintenance....
  4. Click on the Store Folder... button.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Control multiple computers with a single keyboard and mouse

Moving the mouse from one computer to the other (similar to multi monitor support)

What the author says:

“Input Director is a Windows application that lets you control multiple Windows systems using the keyboard/mouse attached to one computer.”


Friday, August 28, 2009

Gemplus PC Twin Smart Card Reader driver for Windows 7

can be found here:

Getting started with Developing for Windows 7

Windows 7 offers several features for developers, not just users

Getting Ready for Windows 7

Windows 7 Training Kit For Developers
(includes presentations, hands-on labs, and demos on: the Windows 7 Taskbar, Libraries, Multi Touch, Sensors and Location, Ribbon, Trigger Start Services, Instrumentation and ETW, and Application Compatability - including Version Checking, UAC Data Redirection, Session 0 Isolation, Installer Detection, User Interface Privilege Isolation, High DPI)

Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7 and .NET Framework 3.5 SP1
(provides documentation, samples, header files, libraries, and tools)

Windows® API Code Pack for Microsoft® .NET Framework
(Managed Wrapper for accessing Windows 7 features from .NET)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

How to backup your Windows Live Writer configuration (e.g. to another computer)

Windows Live Writer - where is the configuration hidden?If you want to save your Windows Live Writer configuration, including Blog settings, Draft blogs, Recent blogs, Plugins, for example while moving from one machine to another, the free Windows Live Writer Backup is your friend.

Download: Windows Live Writer Backup


Windows Live Writer Backup - does what the name says, and restores it again

What is the C:\Windows\Panther directory?

The Windows 7 folder naming zoo Windows Vista and 7 setup log files are located in different locations on the hard disk. The Panther directory is one of them, as you can read here.

Can I delete it safely?

If you performed an upgrade installation of Windows the Panther folder can easily fill up multiple gigabytes. Deleting (or renaming it at first) showed no negative effects.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cannot install Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 (SP2)

nightmare: SP2 install failsApplies to:

Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 (SP2)


  • Using Windows Update you get the error:

    No signature was present in the subject.
  • Using the stand-alone installer for SP2 you get the error:

    "You need to install Windows Server Service Pack 1 before continuing"
  • Or you cannot see/modify roles and features anymore.

How I solved it:

  1. Run this tool (KB 947821).
  2. Check %SYSTEMROOT%\Logs\CBS\CheckSUR.log for reported missing items (starting with "missing:") to find out which updates are blocking.

    In my case the resulting log included the following lines:

    Checking packages.
    (f) CBS MUM Missing 0x00000002 servicing\packages\Package_for_KB961371_server_0~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~  
    (f) CBS MUM Missing 0x00000002 servicing\packages\Package_for_KB961371_server~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~  
    (f) CBS MUM Missing 0x00000002 servicing\packages\Package_for_KB961371~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~ 

    Checking component store
    Seconds executed: 270
    Found 3 errors
      CBS MUM Missing Total Count: 3

  3. Either find the missing files on another machine OR download those updates from Microsoft and extract the .mum and .cat files from the update package (in my case: KB961371)
    (you can rename a .msu file to .cab and extract its contents.)
    (one of the .mum/.cat files should be missing in the package that you are looking for. Use update.mum and and rename them)
  4. Copy the .mum and .cat files to C:\Windows\servicing\packages.
    (To be able to do so you need to take ownership of the folder and grant your user account full control. After copying the files set the owner back to "NT Service\TrustedInstaller")
  5. Run the stand-alone installer for SP2.

Good luck & enjoy SP2!

(Thanks to Glafkos Charalambous as well as to the many people writing and answering on this topic on the TechNet forums)

Monday, August 3, 2009

What is the difference between VSS Full Backup and VSS Copy Backup in Windows Server 2008?

Which backup mode is the right one? Thankfully the Storage Team at Microsoft ("File Cabinet") has an answering post on their blog:

"If you are using only Windows Server Backup to protect the applications, you can use any option to backup the data.

However, if you are using a third party backup application, you should not use VSS Full Backup because it will delete the logs at the end of the backup. If the third party backup application relies on those logs to take incremental backups, it would take full backups all the time – a less than optimal situation…"

(See also this TechNet forum post for more clarification.)

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Poster: LINQ queries explained

LINQ poster showing various query optins My fellow VSTS MVP Marcel de Vries published a great poster explaining the various options a developer has when using the powerful LINQ queries.

Download poster at:

Monday, June 29, 2009

Disabling time synchronization in VMware

Sometimes it might be useful to set the date and time in a virtual machine explicitly. Therefore you need to turn of the automatic time synchronization with the host system.

To do so set the following options in the virtual machine's configuration file (.vmx) using your favorite editor:

tools.syncTime = FALSE
time.synchronize.continue = FALSE
time.synchronize.restore = FALSE
time.synchronize.resume.disk = FALSE
time.synchronize.shrink = FALSE = FALSE


For more info see:
Timekeeping in VMware Virtual Machines

P.S. For disabling the time synchronization with Virtual PC 2007 see:

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Windows requires activation after cloning a VM

Force re-activation the base image instead of having to activate every clone of it. Even if your base image is activated correctly the clones created from it might require an activation.

A simple workaround is to force VMware to generate a new MAC address. This will probably cause Windows to ask you to re-activate your base image. Once this is done you can clone it without having to re-activate it again.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Turn off beep sound in virtual machine

As described here:

sc config beep start= disabled

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Converting Virtual PC virtual machines to VMware

The most reliable way to convert your Virtual PC/Virtual Server/Hyper-V virtual machines to VMware is to use the "VMware vCenter Converter" (available free of charge).

VMware Converter converts virtual machines from Virtual PC to VMware.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The History of Microsoft

New Episode on Channel 9 See how it all started on Channel 9

You can subscribe to this episode here.

Unable to print or preview in Windows Vista

Vista-ready-Flash-Player-9-Integrates-with-IE7-Protect-Mode-2Problem description:

When trying to print or print preview a page in Internet Explorer you receive an permission error about the Temp\Low folder.


Equipped with administrative privileges change the integrity level of the "Low" subfolder %Temp% to low (as explained here):

icacls Low /setintegritylevel (OI)(CI)low

Unable to save to favorites folder in Windows Vista (Unspecified Error in IE7)

IE7 runs in low integrity level under Windows Vista Problem description:

When attempting to add a favorite in Internet Explorer you receive an "Unspecified Error".

Unspecified Error when trying to save to favorite folder in Windows Vista


Equipped with administrative privileges change the integrity level of your favorites folder to low (as explained here) by typing:

icacls favorites /setintegritylevel (OI)(CI)low

Friday, February 20, 2009

Dell SAS RAID Storage Manager: what's the user name to log on?

Dell SAS RAID Storage Manager login screen (German version)After launching Dell SAS RAID Storage Manager it asks you for enter a username and password combination.

What it expects is the username and password of a Windows account with administrative privileges.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Welcome to my new Treasury

After over 5 years I really had to leave dotnetjunkies for several reasons and moved my "Treasury" to this new and beautiful place.
I now maintain three blogs – you can reach them consistently at
  • Neno Loje's Treasury [RSS]
    My primary weblog about diverse topics that make the life of a developer easier: .NET, ClickOnce deployment and Windows Development. In English.
  • TFS & Visual Studio ALM Blog [RSS]
    My technical blog exclusively about Microsoft's Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) platform: Visual Studio (VS) and Team Foundation Server (TFS). In English.
  • Neno Loje’s Futterkiste [RSS]
    My German language blog with information specific to the German-speaking area, like local events and conferences.
Enjoy reading!

Friday, February 6, 2009

ERROR: Your client does not support opening this list with Windows Explorer

When trying to switch to "Explorer View" or open a SharePoint document library in Windows Explorer and receive the following error message:


How to fix

Install: Software Update for Web Folders (KB907306)

More information: KB907306

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Shortcuts for Full Screen Mode

F11 - it's not always as easy to switch to full screen mode Full screen, please! But how? Well, it depends...



Remote Desktop
Terminal Services Client
Hyper-V VM Connection


Visual Studio


Internet Explorer & Windows Explorer


Windows Media Player

[Alt]+Enter or F11

VMware Workstation