Monday, November 9, 2009

CustomValidator for Checkboxes in ASP.NET

To check that a checkbox is set in ASP.NET you need to do a little more than just grab a RequiredFieldValidator.Situation:

The RequiredFieldVadlidator cannot be used to validate ASP.NET Checkboxes.


Use a CustomValidator. All you need is implement the ServerValidate event of the Custom Validator to validate that the check-box is checked/unchecked. Read more:

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A computer stops responding during shutdown if BitLocker is enabled on the system drive

Windows does not shutdown properly when BitLocker is enables for the system drive Symptoms

When shutting down the screen turns black and nothing happens whilst the computer fan and other devices are still running.


You have BitLocker enabled for the system drive.


Hotfix available by Microsoft:

(Thanks to Kay Giza for this tip.)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Two and a half reasons *not* to use BitLocker

Windows 7 BitLocker limits your choices when it comes to backup and booting from VHDs. I had to disable BitLocker for two (and a half) reasons:

  1. It’s not that easy anymore to create a backup image of BitLocker-protected drives.
    You can still do sectory-by-sector copies which require more space and time to create and restore.
  2. You cannot boot natively from a VHD if this VHD is placed on a BitLocker-protected drive.
    My laptop has only a single hard drive and you can can’t boot to VHD on network or removable drives.
  3. If your laptop is not equipped with a TPM you need to insert a USB stick every time before you can boot your laptop.