Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Visual Studio Express 2015–File names and sizes

With Visual Studio 2015, there are three free-to-use Express editions made available that can be used by individuals as well as enterprises.

Although there are no .ISO files provided, it’s possible to download the installation files by passing the /layout argument to the appropriate installer.

Two surprises:

  • The files names of the web installers are not very intuitive.
  • The offline folder sizes are bigger than what you would expect (with VS 2015 Update 2).

Here’s a table of the file names and offline folder sizes:

Product (Update 2)

Size (offline folder)

VS Express 2015 for Windows Desktop

7.11 GB

VS Express 2015 for Web

5.44 GB

VS Express 2015 for Windows 10

7.25 GB


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