Saturday, December 22, 2012

What’s the correct order in which Dell drivers should be installed?

Drivers should be installed in the correct order.Taken right from Dell Support article #268873:

  1. Desktop System Software (DSS) or Notebook System Software (NSS)
  2. Chipset
  3. PCMCIA/Smartcard controller
  4. Intel Storage (located under Serial ATA Category)
  5. Audio
  6. Video
  7. Network Interface Card (NIC) / Ethernet Controller
  8. Dell Control Point (DCP) (only for some Latitude Laptops)
  9. Dell Quickset
  10. Wireless Network Card
  11. Bluetooth
  12. Touchpad, Pointer, Track stick, Mice, and Keyboards
  13. Other Devices

Note: Please read the original article for many important details!

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