Tuesday, February 12, 2008

PRB: Dell Dimension freezes periodically for approx 30 seconds on Vista

Usually I try to blog things that interest many people, but there are some cases where the audience is knowingly extremely small, but nevertheless these people will be very glad to have found a solution to their problem.

If you own a Dell Dimension 9xxx and install Windows Vista, which at least in my case is not officially supported, but Dell Support did a very good job in helping me out, and your system periodically freezes (music stops etc.) and after approximately 30 seconds it's like is has never happened and after 2 or even 10 minutes it starts over.

There can be different reasons for this behavior, I can name two of them:

  1. Install the firmware for your Philips DVD 6316 [1]
  2. Install Intel Matrix Storage Software (this one solved it in my case). [2]

I'm looking forward to hearing success stories. :-)


[1] http://ftp.us.dell.com/rmsd/DROM6316_ODFN.zip


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