Saturday, December 16, 2006

Windows Vista: Keyboard Shortcuts for more Productivity

e4197e44-3446-4e47-bc09-7c82213a03b4 Noah Coad posted some new Vista keyboard shortcuts:

New Vista Commands

  • ALT + Up Arrow
    Move up a folder (to the parent folder)
  • ALT + Left Arrow
    Move back in history
  • ALT + Right Arrow
    Move forward in history
  • Backspace
    Move back in history
    (was move up a folder in WinXP)
  • CTRL+N
    Open new explorer (a file must be selected)
  • ALT+Drag&Drop
    Link to item (creates a shortcut)

More Vista-specific shortcuts can also be found here.

Wanna print this? A printable version can be found here.

Update (Aug 12 2009): All Windows 7 shortcuts can be found here.

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